West Country Deer Services

Deer Stalking

We have access to all six species of UK Deer and are qualified in stalking, hunting and culling deer. We are involved in day to day management of trophy deer, park management and exotic deer species. Trophies can be cleaned and prepared to a high standard and supplied from your days stalking.

Woodland Management

We can manage areas of woodland and keep them free from harmful or damaging animals.

Wildlife Assessment

Assessments of farms and estates can be carried out to see what damage is prevalent or threatening an area and a plan of action can be taken to prevent damage.

Vermin Control

We can cull any kind of vermin from farms or estates, deer are the most common but foxes and other vermin can be eradicated according to the landowners requiremnts.

European Hunting

Overseas hunting trips can be arranged through West Country Deer Services. We have a direct agreement to hunt wild boar and Black Roe Bucks in Lunaberg, Germany. We have wild goats and woodland Red Stags availble in Donegal, Ireland. Please contact us for more details and prices.

Any questions feel free to contact us: click here to email us